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Kelsea & Zakk: An Unconventional Wedding

Aug 14, 2023

The Quirky Beginning

You know, as an experienced wedding and engagement photographer, I’ve had my share of unique couples. Yet, Kelsea and Zakk truly were something different. Their initial call was a cocktail of enthusiasm, quirkiness, and a hint of warning. They didn’t want their special day to be just another wedding; they craved something unique, something… unconventional.

This was to be a wedding where tradition would take a backseat.

The Cookie-Cutter Concern

Kelsea’s was clear from the beginning: she didn’t want the same thing as everyone else. I could tell that she and Zakk shared a vision that didn’t fit the mold of a typical engagement or wedding. They wanted to dance to their own rhythm and, most importantly, they wanted their photographer – me – to dance along.

Transitioning from the initial discussion to planning was seamless. If there was any hesitation about if I was the right photographer for them, that evaporated once me and Zakk started cracking Letterkenny jokes during one of our planning calls, I knew I was among my people. Their energy was infectious. They were honestly the most laid back, easy couple and I quickly understood the importance of their story, their love, and the eccentric bunch they called family & friends.

The Rowdy Revelers

“Be warned. Our friends, they can get pretty…crazy.” Both Zakk and Kelsea warned me multiple times before the big day. But as the wedding came around, I realized that this crowd was just as “rowdy and misbehaved” as I usually with my own friends, and I knew immediately I was among genuine people who were just there to have a great time and celebrate Kelsea and Zakk.

Kelsea and Zakk may have been apprehensive about their friends’ antics, but once I started photographing the wedding party and their shenanigans, it was clear – I was fitting right in and today was going to be a great time for everyone.

Moments that Speak Louder than Words

It’s difficult to condense the plethora of emotions, hilarity, and pure joy I witnessed that day into mere words. From heartfelt speeches to impromptu dance-offs, every frame was a story waiting to be told.

Kelsea, Zakk, friends and family truly had a day they’ll all remember for a long time. And I was fortunate enough to capture those memories with my camera. If I’m being honest, it’s hard to describe what happened that day without using these images to show the moments that were felt by everyone.

A Heartfelt Thank You

In the end, it wasn’t about the “rowdy” friends or the non-traditional choices. It was about two people, madly in love, celebrating in a way that was uniquely them. Kelsea and Zakk, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and to narrate your love story through my photography.

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