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Heidi & Mychal: From Stage to Altar

Aug 14, 2023

From A Chance Meeting to Everlasting Love

It’s a classic story. Two people meet, sparks fly, and then life happens. For Heidi and Mychal, life’s stage was a community theater in Arizona, where they first met and shared their passion for acting. The magic began right there. Not long after I met them, we found ourselves on a wonderful misison to create stunning engagement photos within the four walls of that theater—the very space that bore witness to the creation of their love story.

Heidi & Mychal during their engagement session in Gilbert, Arizona. (C) David Weibel

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Transitioning from actors to the subjects of my lens was smooth for Heidi and Mychal. Meeting them at the local community theater, where they first found each other, was an experience like no other. There was an undeniable connection between the place and their journey—a journey of love, learning, and joy. Those wooden floors and stage formed the backdrop of their engagement story, adding an intimate, personal flavor to the moments captured.

The Dreamy Forest Wedding

Fast forward a year and a setting fit for a fairy tale awaited us at the Arbor Heights wedding venue, cradled in the heart of the Prescott National Forest. This wedding wasn’t just another Arizona wedding. It was a blend of romance, dreams, and memories, all coming together to craft a day worth remembering.

Heidi & Mychal’s wedding in Prescott National Forest, Arizona.

The venue, surrounded by the natural beauty of Prescott National Forest, painted a picturesque view. Trees whispered tales of old, while the soft rustling of leaves played background music, enhancing the setting’s unique charm.

Moments That Left an Imprint

Every wedding has its moments, but Heidi and Mychal’s wedding was a cascade of emotions. From the tearful exchanges to the hearty laughter, each emotion was raw, genuine, and profound. My camera and I were there, not just as mere observers, but as storytellers. We chronicled every glance, every tear, every burst of laughter—preserving them for Heidi & Mychal’s family for years to come.

An emotional moment with Heidi’s father before her wedding ceremony.

Why The Story Matters

For many, a wedding is a culmination of dreams and a start of a new chapter. For Heidi and Mychal, it was a continuation of a story they began at a community theater in Arizona—a story of love, determination, and unity. Through engagement and wedding photographs, we have the power to weave stories that transcend generations, keeping them alive, vivid, and tangible.

Why I Do What I Do

In Heidi’s words; “Because we had our engagement session in the theatre and our wedding in the woodsy mountains, our two collections are perfect mirrors of Mychal’s and my two “sides;” you gave us the dramatic look and feel from our engagement shoot, and you gave us the intimate, family-oriented, alone-in-nature look and feel from the wedding shoot. You just really got us as a couple.

We cannot recommend David enough. The wedding industry is just so jam-packed with vendors, so it can be challenging to find the diamonds in the rough. Let me reassure you now, all you brides out there starting your searches, David is one of the diamonds. He’ll work with you to make your engagement / wedding session(s) one-of-a-kind, he’ll make you feel comfortable and, even more importantly, feel like yourself in front of the camera” Finding the story and making sure it’s preserved for you always is why I’m so happy to get to do this work for all my couples.

David: The Eyes Behind The Lens

Hey there! I’m David, your laid-back, documentary wedding & engagement photographer. Every couple has a unique story, and I thrive on capturing its essence, translating fleeting moments into forever memories. Arizona has been my canvas, and I’ve been fortunate to document countless love tales against its diverse backdrop.

Looking to immortalize your love story with photographs that resonate and evoke emotions even years later? Reach out, and let’s craft your visual narrative together.



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