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Engagement Photography: Beyond Arizona’s Deserts

Aug 14, 2023

Chasing the City Lights

When you’ve known a couple as long as I’ve known Alex & Charlie, it’s a profound honor to be chosen as their engagement photographer. And when they told me they wanted to forego the standard desert backdrop and instead embrace the heart of Downtown Phoenix, my creative side was stoked, to say the least.

When we think “Engagement Session in Arizona” I think a lot of us immediately assume cacti and sunsets, but Alex & Charlie wanted something different.

Finding Light and Color Amidst Skyscrapers

Armed with a very tentative plan and a few hours to explore, we set our sights on the colorful urban landscape of Phoenix. As the sun shifted between the tall buildings, we chased those fleeting moments of golden light and created a unique experience for their engagement session.

Every corner brought a new backdrop or idea, and for Alex & Charlie, with their infectious laughter and tangible connection, each frame burst with life.

Going With The Flow: From Streets to Bars

One of my favorite ways to do a session like this is to keep it as spontaneous as possible. While we had a rough plan in place, we let the city guide us. Before long, we found ourselves outside one of Downtown’s many bars, looking for respite.

Alex & Charlie share a moment during their engagement session at the Desmond, a Downtown Phoenix watering hole.
Alex & Charlie share a moment during their engagement session at the Desmond, a Downtown Phoenix watering hole.

Inside, the mood was relaxed, and the setting uniquely Alex & Charlie. In that laid-back atmosphere, some creative, unique shots emerged, capturing the couple’s genuine connection and love.

Letting Creativity Lead

I’ve always believed in letting my artistic instincts take the front seat. With Alex & Charlie, that process was seamless. Their trust in my vision allowed us to experiment, explore, and embrace every opportunity that came our way.

As a photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than having a couple who trusts your process. It turns a photo session into a relaxed experience with friends, and takes a lot of the intimidation away when it comes to putting yourself in front of the camera.

Echoes of Joy and Satisfaction

By the end of our session, the joy in Alex & Charlie’s eyes was evident. The best part for me, though, was hearing their feedback that “David does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable. Within minutes of our session starting, any nerves my fiancé and I had about feeling awkward or looking weird or uncomfortable during the shoot went away… The time with him flew by, and my fiancé and I had a really fun and engaging experience, one that we sincerely did not want to end. The pictures that were delivered were nothing short of amazing. David took note of everything that we wanted and he delivered on everything we asked for and more.” They adored the photos, but more importantly, they loved the experience they had downtown with me and the camera.

The city they loved and met in played host to a session that they’d remember for a lifetime. And for me, it was a testament to the magic that can happen when a couple and a photographer are in perfect sync.

Meet David: Your Natural Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Hello there! I’m David, a laid-back, natural wedding & engagement photographer based right here in Arizona. My passion lies in capturing those fleeting, genuine moments that encapsulate a couple’s unique love story. If you’re in search of someone who values authentic connections and believes in creating memories over just photos, I’m your guy!

Ready to craft your unique story? Let’s chat and turn your dreams into visual magic. Reach out today and let’s start this adventure together!



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